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I went under contract in January with a “preferred lender” by mid March they denied my loan 2x with no explanation. I contacted an old friend, Lacey, who introduced me to Roberta because she was licensed in my state and an EXPERT with challenging files. I was preapproved on March 12th, saved my contract, we met on March 14th via phone and by March 27th I was clear to close. As of 3/31/2020 I am no longer a renter; I am a first time homeowner building wealth and happiness!
-Kelli Ross

Ms.Roberta was great and extremely confident in her work it’s was times I ran into a wall during the process with having to meet this requirement etc and she always helped me out and found away with me. If it wasn’t for her I don’t know if I would be in my first house right now it was times I was ready to let up but she always told me don’t worry everything is going to work out which it did she’s always there when I had questions and great at making me understand i really appreciate it and when it’s time to do it again I will pick you again. However I highly recommend Ms.Roberta truly.

Before I started this journey I really thought I had it all together. But I tell you I was truly WRONG on the world of trying to get a home.

Everything you have read about her character is Mrs. Roberta Rustin. In my case our relationship was the professional Big Sister. She made sure she warn mean of the bumps, the bruises, and the the stumbles. I am pretty sure she carried my headaches and heartaches. She never gave up on me and my family. She became apart of the family, Professionally. Rustin is what one would call the Hero, or as my daughter stated the Wonder Woman Warrior. I can’t say Thank You enough and can only see Blessings to all who stumble on her path to Success.

I Got A New Home!!!!!!!!

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